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Sorry, but the InGeoCloudS platform has been stopped on AWS...


InGeoCloudS Pilot2 capabilities have been assessed so far as very satifactory by our internal users and by the Commission during final project review.


Former project partners had all signed an agreeement for still exploiting and demonstrating the platform during some years. A support team from all technical partners and a steering committee could be constituted but the Platform is now "enjoying" some rest since January 2016... Do not hesitate to contact project's partners for further information, especially concerning current plans for porting most of InGeoCloudS facilities to OpenStack-based clouds.

To ask for further information send an email now to

benoit.baurens [ at] akka.eu

Feel free to navigate in the Users Documentation and provided material on this site.

You can also consult more specific service offers from AKKA Technologies at http://www.ingeoclouds.com

The InGeoCLOUDS project aimed at demonstrating the feasibility of employing a cloud-based infrastructure coupled with the necessary services to provide seamless access to geospatial public sector information, especially targeting the geological, geophysical and other geoscientific information.

Geodata information possesses interesting characteristics like the size of the available data, the existing metadata descriptions (mostly according to the European Directive INSPIRE) and the current availability of related services that can be moved to the cloud.

Project partners' data and services, available under more traditional infrastructures can be easily deployed to the cloud. One of the project challenges has been the linking of the partners’ data among themselves and with relevant external datasets.

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On top of the basic cloud services such as OGC WMS, WFS and CSW, the project demonstrates the ability to build more intelligent services by using and combining data seamlessly integrated through the cloud. Linked Open Data principles and technologies are used. Based on the gained experience, the project provides guidelines in order to support the partners and other stakeholders of public information in their efforts to move more of their services and data to the cloud in order to decide the best possible roadmap, the requirements of the underlying infrastructure that will be chosen as a host, the requirements for the services and the possible pros and cons of these choices. In summary we provide the necessary documentation, the related analysis, the roadmap and a set of working services to support organizations that need to move large amounts of public sector information to the cloud.

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The project has been co-funded by the European Commission under: The Information and Communication Technologies Policy Support Programme

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