Getting Help and Known Bugs

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You have noticed something wrong in using InGeoCloudS? Maybe we know it already... Check out our Known Bugs list. We try and keep it as short as possible.

Otherwise you can use the feedback panel of portal (see below) or contact directly our helpdesk by email.


You have access to various help resources including:

The Users Documentation Wiki

It Proposes reference documentation and is accessible through our web site where you are now.

  • First, you might go through a comprehensive description of what InGeoCloudS is and what are the potential benefits by starting here.
  • If you are a simple user of geo applications, you can start here
  • An institution that is already registered as a (Geo-) Data Provider might find reference information here.


In any case, the Users Documentation block, on the left-hand side of this page offers you more navigation possibilities.

On-line Help on the portal

Since it is not always necessary to read a whole reference documentation, the portal offers on-line help globally but also for each individual project that you can find there. Each application  provides also some handsome Online Help (some parts might not be fully completed but this shall come soon...).

REST APIs Documentation

For IT users, a comprehensive API documentation Portal collects detailed technical documentation of the different components’ APIs. For more details about API principles and usages check out this link.


Contacting InGeoCloudS Helpdesk

Please use following email address:

Known Bugs List

Known Bugs List - Last update: 2014-03-12
ID Category Status Summary
1789 Documentation Wiki acknowledged Documentation Imoprovement for DPs: Raster files management guidelines (FAQ)
1771 Documentation Wiki acknowledged Link towards Geonetwork doc is not working
1772 Geo-Catalogue acknowledged Some errors in metadata records highlighted by J.Passmore (BGS)
      You're welcome to report others (use the "Feedback" form on the Pilot2