Data Providers Documentation

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Data Providers

A Data Provider is a user (representing for example an institution) willing to contribute with his own data or with a novel service.

The registration process for data providers is supervised by an InGeoCloudS administrator who must check and authorize the Data Provider account request. For that, please send an email to contact [at] ingeoclouds[dot]eu

The platform creates a Workspace for each Data Provider. A Workspace simply provides the possibility to store (and access) his own data in a private database of the InGeoCloudS Elastic Database Server, and/or in a private folder of the InGeoCLOUDS Elastic File Server.


Data Providers Documentation

The documentation covers following topics:

  • How to register in InGeoCloudS as a data provider
  • Description of options and available services for data providers: prerogatives, typical usage scenarios, the Data Providers Toolkit
  • Description of a data provider’s workspace (database and file-system access)
  • How to use GeoPublication service to upload own data, create maps and produce catalogues and WMS / WFS links to the data.
  • How to use Linked Open Data Services
  • How to map one’s own data model to GSOM (Geo-Scientific Observation Model) and INSPIRE.