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“Feel inspired by InGeoCloudS increased efficiency, availability, usability, quality & sharing”

Since its inception, the challenge for InGeoCloudS project has been to develop a platform with various applications and services to match the needs of users (visitors or Data/Application/IT Providers) to access, publish and share public geodata in the Cloud, in compliance with Inspire.

The objective of the InGeoCloudS Blueprints is to present the approach adopted in the project, provide the framework of the available functionalities and services, giving an overview of the advantages and opportunities offered by the platform, in a simple and accessible way.

4 documents are now available for download (click to get your pdf issue) :

1.      How To Blueprint  

  • InGeoCloudS in a few steps, general overview of the project features and opportunities

2.      Use Case Presentation Blueprint

  • Get acquainted with the 6 applications developed by Data Provider on the InGeoCloudS platform

3.     Linked Open Data (LOD) Blueprint

  •  What is LOD and how it is implemented, what benefits can be drawn from its use in the InGeoCloudS project/platform

4.      IT experience blueprint (available soon)


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