Application Providers Documentation

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This section will include documentation on how an application provider can use the InGeoCloudS platform to deploy a new application. It will cover the following topics:

  • InGeoCloudS API. Technical description of the API functions along with examples on how to access the various InGeoCloudS components. Detailed instructions on how to integrate a new application using the API.
  • Elastic Compute Service. Guidelines to create and manage a new Elastic Compute instance. How to access and use the Amazon Console and what is the provided functionality.
  • InGeoCloudS Portal. How to use the InGeoCloudS portal to integrate the application frond-end.
  • Default GIS Client. How to use the default GIS client to provide a mapping access to the geo-datasets.
  • Monitoring and Billing Service. How to monitor usage of cloud resources and their respective charges.