Use Cases


Susceptibility Map Of Triggering Landslides Due to Rainfall Forecast (GEO-ZS)


The system will predict (in a best possible way) the areas where the probability of triggering landslides will be increased due to higher precipitation levels. The endangered zones will be predicted using the combination of:

•         the landslide susceptibility model,

•         the precipitation forecast and

•         the landslide triggering threshold values.


Shakemaps Service [EPPO]

State and regional organizations have a need for real-time maps of ground motion and shaking intensity following significant earthquakes. This information is required for post-earthquake response and recovery as well as for preparedness exercises and disaster planning.

Use Case about Pesticides in Groundwater (GEUS)

This use case shall make it possible for users to find areas where there are high concentrations of pesticides in the groundwater. It could be either pesticide in general or specific pesticides. It shall also be possible to restrict the output to pesticides found at a certain depth interval and/or from certain geology (lithology or lithostratigraphy).

Use Cases

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The objective of Use Cases is to deploy them in the InGeoClouds platform with the respect of a planning depending on the complexity of use cases. 

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