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  CNES Workshop on March 18th, 2014

ICT2013 Vilnius

Cloud Computing in Earth Science for the better living of citizens07/11/2013 with Poster

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The 2nd Experts Workshop in Brussels allowed the Consortium to present in details InGeoCloudS Pilot2, to perform some training on data and services integration and to discuss various topics addressed by the project (Cloud Computing, INSPIRE implementation, Linked Data,...).

We could also appreciate the fruitful contribution of 4 invited speakers who could present various facets of the European politics for the progress of geo-sciences.

All details, downloadable presentations and training materials can be found here: 2nd Experts Workshop in Brussels

Presentation of Benoit BAURENS held during this most peculiar ;) and important conference about Open Source projects / frameworks/ tools etc.  in the domain of GIS. You can download FOSS4G Presentation.

Presentation during the INSPIRE Florence Conference 2013, From a Classical Web Mapping Publication to a INSPIRE Service Architecture in The CloudThe presentation focused on these 3 challenges. We described the technical architecture based on a set of scalable and independent components, from high-performance file system (glusterFS) to data publication WMS/WFS server (MapServer) including also elastic database (PostGres/PostGIS) and explains the deployment in the Amazon Web Service cloud infrastructure. INGC_INSPIREFlorence_2013.pdf
"Geohazard Use Case Inspired GEOdata CLOUD Services" 1st ReSyLab with 3rd Workshop of the Japanese-Croatian Project on Risk identification and Land-use Planning for disaster mitigation of landslides and floods in Croatia, Zagreb 7th-9th March 2013. (Poster presentation made by Martin Podboj) Poster GeoZS Geohazard Use Case

 “InGeoCLOUDS use case - Application for dynamic landslide hazard maps prognosis in Slovenia due rainfall forecast in the cloud” by Jasna Sinigoj at the 28th Conference of the Geoscience Information Consortium, 3rd to 7th June 2013, Orléans, France (GIC28_IngeoClouds.pdf)

GIC Meeting, Orléans June 3-7th 2013 (BRGM premises)

InGeoCloudS project's  presentation made by Benoit BAURENS: INGC_GICMeeting-AKKA-20130603smaller.pdf

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Expert Workshop Paris, May 9-10th 2012

All presentations made during this event can be found by following the link

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All posters are here !

Public Deliverables of the project  :  Public Deliverables

2nd Project's Leaflet                         : INGEOCLOUDS_Leaflet_normal_v2

1st Project's Leaflet (long version)      :  INGEOCLOUDS_Leaflet_normal.pdf

1st Project's Leaflet (short version)       : INGEOCLOUDS_Leaflet_short.pdf

Project's generic presentation (slides)    : INGEOCLOUDS_PRESENTATION_final.pdf

InGeoCloudS Newsletter                        : Second-issue, November 2013

InGeoCloudS Newsletter                        : First-issue, August 2013


EuroGeoSurveys Newsletter January 2014: here

EuroGeoSurveys Newsletter April 2013  : here